17 Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Laser Hair Removal

17 Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Laser Hair Removal

17 Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary form of management for unwanted hair. At Ivy Laser Salon in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, we recommend you follow these simple do’s and don’ts to make sure your laser hair removal sessions go as optimally and effectively as possible. The closer you adhere to these points, the greater the chance for successful laser hair removal and the biggest bang for your buck.

Do Shave the day of.

The lasers we use for hair removal target the pigment of the hair and penetrate into the skin. It focuses its heat energy on the hair which transfers into the follicle and destroys it. Since its the follicle and not the hair we are actually targeting, it is important that you shave the treatment area the day of your session. If the hairs are long they will absorb the laser energy outside of the follicle, leading to ineffective hair removal, and may cause damage to the top of your skin.

Do use sunscreen regularly.

A tan is laser hair removals worst enemy. Since the laser focuses its energy on darker pigments, active melanocytes in the skin caused by a tan are vulnerable to hyper/hypopigmentation (the lightening or darkening of your skin) and can cause burns. Stay out of the sun and make sure to apply an SPF 30 sunblock every 2 hours when you have to be exposed to it.

Do keep your scheduled appointments.

Your hair grows in cycles and the laser can only effectively treat hairs in the growth cycles. You have many different cycles of hair that grow which is why effective laser hair removal takes numerous sessions. We schedule your appointments to optimally treat those hair cycles and not miss any of them. If you miss an appointment, you may miss a hair cycle causing the need for more sessions.

Do tell us about medical conditions.

No matter how irrelevant the condition may be, make sure to always disclose any medical conditions you may have. There might be a contraindication that would put you at risk when getting laser hair removal sessions done. Safety first!

Do tell us about any medication you are taking.

The medication you are taking may or may not have an impact on our ability to treat you and the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Medication that affects hormones can cause the need for more laser hair removal sessions since hair is affected by a change in hormone levels. Also, there are some dangerous medications that can leave your skin sensitive to the laser and cause burns. Always disclose all medications you are taking.

Do tell us about any changes in medication.

You’re going to come in for multiple sessions spaced out at least 4 weeks apart. If you have a change in medication or start taking a new medication make sure to let us know!

Do tell us if you think you may be pregnant.

Though there is no correlation between laser hair removal and complications while you are pregnant, we always want to know if you are. We also require that you have a conversation with your doctor about laser hair removal while pregnant and get a letter of clearance.

Don’t get a tan.

If you’re tanned, we cannot treat! Though we have lasers that can treat all skin types, a tan is different! Make sure to stay out of the sun at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your sessions!

Don’t take antibiotics.

Antibiotics make your skin photosensitive, with Accutane being the worst. Most antibiotics clear your system within 3-10 days. With Accutane it will be 6 months before you can safely have laser hair removal sessions. Make sure to let your tech know if you are or have recently been on antibiotics!

Don’t take hot showers within 24 hours after your treatment.

This is something that is very obvious, but also commonly overlooked. We have just caused heat damage to your skin. Just as you wouldn’t go take a hot shower right after you get a burn, you should avoid hot showers after your laser hair removal session. Cold showers are completely ok!

Don’t work out day of.

We are dealing with heat being transferred into your skin. You should avoid working out before your treatment and coming in hot and sweaty, it can lead to complications. Also, you should avoid working out after your treatment the same day because it will raise the heat factor of the treated area.

Don’t wear tight clothing on treatment area.

Tight clothing, especially spandex legging, trap heat and can cause complications. Wear loose cotton clothing for and after your treatment

Don’t take iron supplements.

Some of our lasers go deep enough to affect the iron in your blood. Though its proven completely safe with normal iron levels, taking iron supplement can cause complications. Avoid iron supplements at least 3 days before and after treatment.

Don’t miss your appointments.

As stated earlier, missing your appointments means the likelihood of missing a hair cycle, causing the need for more sessions and more money out of your pocket.

Don’t have any products on your skin.

Make sure to avoid or remove any lotions, creams, and deodorants from the treatment area and avoid topical acne (non-antibiotic, if antibiotic please discuss with your tech) and retinal productions for at least 3 days before and after treatment.

Don’t have an expectation of how many sessions you will actually need.

The industry standard for effective laser hair removal is between 6-8 sessions. This is only an average, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed clearance after 6-8 sessions. Some people may need more than 8 sessions to get clearance. Remember, changes in medication that cause hormone imbalances, missed scheduled appointments, some medical conditions, and even pregnancy can cause new hair growth.

Don’t lie to your tech.

We are not here to harm you. On the contrary, we have your best interest in mind. Make sure to be honest with your tech so that no complications arise from your hair removal sessions. If we see that you have obviously tanned, but deny it, we will refuse to treat you!

Ivy Laser Salon wants to make sure you are making the most of your sessions. Following these guidelines can lead to successful laser hair removal.

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