Cost of Laser Hair Removal V.S. a Lifetime of Shaving or Waxing

Cost of Laser Hair Removal V.S. a Lifetime of Shaving or Waxing

Cost of Laser Hair Removal V.S. a Lifetime of Shaving or Waxing

Are you considering laser hair removal? Society’s standards force us to spend a lot of time on our personal hygiene. Any girl knows that there is a ritual routine they have to go through regularly to keep themselves presentable at all times, and nothing takes up more of our time than our unwanted hair. We spend hours shaving our legs, arms, underarms, and even our face! Why, when laser hair removal treatments are available, do so many people deal with temporary hair reduction techniques like waxing, hair removal lotions, and worst of all shaving? The main concern seems to be the cost of laser hair removal. But things are not as clear as they seem. People see the price tag of laser hair removal and think “it’s too much” or “shaving/waxing is so much cheaper.”

The Cost of a Lifetime of Shaving

Ok, you’ve just become a teenager. Mom takes you into the bathroom and gives your first lesson in proper hair removal hygiene and hands you a razor. Unintentionally, she has made you a slave to that little thing with sharp edges. Let’s say you shave from the ages of 13 to 50 years old. You’re likely shaving about 3 or 4 times a week, spending at least 20 minutes in the shower. Why don’t we do a little math? In total, we are talking about 37 years of shaving or 1924 weeks. Multiply that number by the average number of shaves a week, 3.5, and we get a staggering 6,735 times that you will shave in 37 years. Take the number of times you shave and multiply it by the amount of time it takes, 20 minutes, and you get 137,000 minutes spent on shaving in your lifetime. 2,283 hours of your life is spent on something you really don’t need to spend it on. If that in itself is not enough reason to try laser hair removal, let’s talk about cost.


They really do seem cheap right? You can buy a 10 pack of cheap disposable razors for an average of about 10 dollars. But the cost adds up in the long run. Using 2 new razors a week you would spend about 104 dollars a year. Multiply that by 37 years and we have a staggering $3,848! But no one just uses a razor, unless they want horrible razor bumps and cuts? So let’s add the cost of a shaving cream to the equation. At about $3 a can and the necessity of a new can at least once a month, shaving cream will cost you, at least, $36 a year. Over 37 years you can add an addition $1,332 to your total. Adding in the miscellaneous items for nicks, cuts, and bumps like band aids and razor bump lotion will take your total cost up another $500 roughly over the lifetime of shaving bringing your grand total to $5,680. If you decide to use better razors, your total cost will go up to roughly about $7,000.


What about waxing? You only have to go in once a month, and you’re pretty much hair free for the month, right? Let’s look deeper into waxing. Let’s say you wanted to wax your legs and your underarms monthly over a 20-year span. The average cost of waxing for those areas per month is about $65. Over a 20 year span, you would have spent $15,600 on waxing alone! To add insult to injury, waxing hurts and damages your skin!

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

At Ivy Laser Salon in Las Vegas, we pride ourselves in having straight forward pricing with no contracts or hidden fees. The cost of 6 treatments for full legs is $1800 dollars. Take into consideration the specials we run monthly, like our April Summer Essentials Package, and that price reduces to $1500 for 7 treatments, and includes either half arms or Brazilian with each treatment (April special, buy 5 get 2 free. Buy full legs get half arms or Brazilian free, a $125 value per session. Buy Half legs and get face or underarms for free, a $99 value per session. We use 6 sessions as a baseline because the industry standard number of sessions necessary for effective laser hair removal is between 6-8 sessions.


Cost of Shaving for a Lifetime = $5,680-$7000 and 2,283 Hours

Cost of Waxing for 20 years = $15,600 averaging $65 a month

Cost of Laser Hair Removal for 6-8 sessions = $1500-2100 (not considering any of our specials)

When we look at it, it’s a no-brainer. Laser hair removal is far cheaper, takes less of your time, and makes your life that much easier!

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