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It’s easy for even the most superb suburbs to become overshadowed by their metropolitan counterparts. This is definitely the case for Henderson, Nevada, a hidden gem nestled next to bright lights of Las Vegas. This city occupies the southeastern corner of the valley, close enough to the Strip to supply endless entertainment but far enough to make it a great place to raise a family. At Ivy Laser Salon, we cater to a wide variety of clientele. We are proud to offer laser hair removal and many other services to Henderson visitors and residents. Read on to learn more about this fascinating city and what it has to offer.

Henderson History

This desert city made its debut on the international stage during World War II, when it supplied magnesium to Allied troops. Magnesium has been called a “miracle metal” since it is light, strong, and can be easily melded with other elements. Live Science explains“Magnesium is flammable, so one of its main uses is for flares and fireworks.” Founded in 1941, Henderson’s Basic Magnesium, Incorporated, provided the materials troops needed to become victorious versus the Nazis. With the successful end of the war in 1945, the city reinvented itself. The City of Henderson notes: “With the help of local industry, the city…was officially incorporated on April 16, 1953 [after which it] quickly began to grow and flourish…The city’s official slogan ‘Henderson – a Place to Call Home’ reflects a community that enjoys small town values with benefitting from big city efficiencies.” From helping to save the world to becoming the best of both worlds, Henderson’s unique history has made it the wonderful place it is today.

Notable Numbers

Understanding the key statistics surrounding Henderson can help paint a better picture of this Las Vegas suburb. Check them out below:

• Movoto Real Estate named Henderson the fifth safest city in the United States in 2014 – the city also ranked as second safest according to Forbes back in 2006.

• A little over 270,000 people call Henderson home.

• According to city financial reports, the number one employer in Henderson is the city itself, closely followed by the local St. Rose Dominican Hospital.

• Most of Henderson’s residents are between 24 and 44 years old, making this a youthful city ready for growth.

• Ivy Laser Salon is just 21 miles from Henderson’s city hall, making it quite convenient for residents.
Fun Things to Do in Henderson

Fun Things to Do in Henderson

Henderson is most popular as a place for families to make their homes in the Las Vegas area. However, there are plenty of exciting and entertaining activities to do here, as well. Some local favorites include:

• Bird watching and hiking at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. In addition to being the only scenic bird preserve in the state, this preserve doubles as a water reclamation facility, benefitting the community in numerous ways. You can bring your binoculars and reconnect with nature by taking a relaxing tour here.

• To take a walk on the wild side at the Lion Habitat Ranch. As legend has it, the lions and cubs you can connect with here are descendents of the original MGM lion. Visitors have given it a glowing 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor: “this attraction is great for families of all ages.”

• Check out Henderson’s Shakespeare in the Park, which recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary.

• Visit Lake Las Vegas, a beautiful manmade lake and the film set for America’s Sweethearts.

• Take to the skies with Sky Combat Ace, an adrenaline-filled activity in which you fly alongside fighter pilots, complete with 360-degree turns and daring dives. This thrill ride is now “the #1 extreme aviation attraction in the world” and is so popular that it recently opened a second location in San Diego, California.

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