Laser Hair Removal – Paradise

How many people can say they’ve been to Paradise? Actually, quite a few, thanks to a little town by this name in the Las Vegas valley. Despite its alluring title, uniquely fertile land, and important landmarks, Paradise remains largely overlooked, outshone by the splendor of the nearby strip. At Ivy Laser Salon, we’re proud to serve visitors to and residents of Paradise. We provide a wide variety of advanced aesthetic services, from microblading for fuller brows to laser skin tightening, and more. Read on to learn more about this extraordinary place.

Paradise Through the Decades

This little sliver of desert became known as “Paradise” beginning in the early twentieth century. No, this wasn’t a reference to the bright lights and gambling—all of that was yet to come. This area was deemed heavenly because, in the midst of an arid landscape, its fields were unusually fertile. Later on, scientists determined that Paradise’s unusual lushness was due to a high water table—this means that the underground water meets the surface of the land at a higher elevation than other areas.

About 35 years later, Paradise became the center of a power struggle among businessmen, local politicians, the city commission, and, in true 1950s Las Vegas fashion, mobsters. In his Living Las Vegas article on the subject, Steve Fey explains: “Paradise became the largest unincorporated town in the United States in 1950…because the mayor of Las Vegas was pressing for annexation of the Las Vegas Strip. This was not in the interests of the owners of the newly thriving businesses along the Las Vegas Strip, so those owners, some of whom were mob connected, managed to get a law passed in Nevada forbidding a city from annexing an unincorporated town.”

Today, Paradise is still an unincorporated town, officially designated as a census-designated place, counted in the census each decade, but not technically a town. Even houses in Paradise have to use Las Vegas zip codes for their mail, given that, strictly speaking, the city doesn’t exist. This explains why Paradise is a largely unknown designation, despite the fact that much of what tourists come to Las Vegas for is actually located here.

Facts and Figures

Understanding the key statistics about Paradise can help you get to know this largely undiscovered (and certifiably unincorporated) town. Check them out below:

  • About 220,000 people literally live in Paradise.
  • The city is 46 square miles in area.
  • 36 years old is the median age in Paradise, according to Best Places.
  • City-Data reports that the population of Paradise, which has increased nearly 20 percent since the year 2000, is 48.3 percent female and 51.7 percent male.

Utopian Utility

Surprisingly enough, given its name, Paradise is a very practical place. Many of the facilities that allow Las Vegas to function are actually in Paradise. These include:

  • McCarran International Airport, where visitors to Las Vegas land from all over the world. Over 43 million people came through this airport last year.
  • The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, or UNLV. This university grew “from a small branch college into a thriving urban research institution.” Nearly 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students work with over 3,000 faculty to participate in 146 academic programs.
  • All the amenities you would normally expect in a residential town. As Fey points out, in addition to all the Las Vegas-specific features, “Paradise is also a place to live, with things like recreation centers, parks, restaurants, shopping centers, Laundromats, and copy centers.”

Tourist Attractions

Since Paradise is actually the heart of Las Vegas itself, it is home to many of the diversions typically associated with this famous region. Ironically enough, the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is actually located in Paradise. Due to the special deal and civil loopholes Vegas business owners created decades ago, the majority of the Strip is also located within Paradise. There are too many to list in their entirety, but some of the tourist attractions in Paradise include:

  • The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino
  • The Palms Casino Resort
  • The Atomic Testing Museum
  • The Pinball Hall of Fame
  • The Liberace Museum
  • The ReVision House

Achieve a Look Befitting Paradise

Paradise is an intriguing township with a captivating history and a bounty of present day benefits. Ivy Laser Salon is proud to serve this region so residents and visitors can enhance their appearances while enjoying the fruits of Paradise. Contact us today to find out more about our services or schedule a consultation.