Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser Hair Removal For Men


Let’s face it, in the battle of the sexes, the amount of time spent on shaving goes to men. After all, a staple characteristic of masculinity is facial and body hair. Yet, being a man and owner of Ivy Laser Salon in Las Vegas I can easily say that about 90% of our clients are women. It’s perplexing that we offer a service that deals with the issue of unwanted hair, yet we do not see a statistically significant amount of men. Most guys have to, at the very least, shave their face daily or every other day. We live in a professional world where the majority of employment requires a clean cut look. When one couples that fact with the current trend of no body hair on men that has been popularized with the current generation of women, it leaves us with more questions than answers about why men do not take advantage of laser hair removal.

I mean, what are the real choices a man has who wants to get rid of unwanted body hair? Shaving and waxing are an option, though nowhere close to optimal. Trying to shave your whole body in itself is a daunting task that can take up a lot of your time. The end result of shaving leaves most us guys feeling like we wasted our time. Ok, you’ve shaved your arms, chest, and back (with help, of course) and your skin is smooth as a baby’s butt, right? That is if you’ve somehow miraculously managed to avoid the cuts, razor burns, and razor bumps that come with shaving. So your skin is smooth but, irritated and red. Let’s add insult to injury, by the same time the next day you are now the equivalent of walking sandpaper. That hair doesn’t stop growing after you shave, and it loves to come back nice and spiky. All of a sudden your significant other isn’t really in the mood to cuddle, or much less get intimate. I mean, she wants to enjoy the experience and I’m sure a full body scrub down with your chest, wasn’t in her plans.

Ok, let’s forget shaving. Let’s wax everything instead! This works a bit better. The hair takes longer to come back, usually a few weeks of smooth skin is what you get. You also get to irritate the heck out of your skin and deal with the very painful processes. For those women who want their guys nice and tidy “down there,” I highly doubt you’d be able to entice your male counterpart to go through that one! I further doubt that a guy would want to wax his face or neck, he’d still be using a razor for that.

One of the perks of owning a laser cosmetics center like Ivy Laser Salon in Las Vegas is that I get to zap anything I want gone on my body whenever I want. When my wife first convinced me to start laser hair removal (and it did take some convincing) I was hesitant. Does it hurt? Does it work? Should I really get rid of my manly hair? I took baby steps and started with just the back of my neck where you would get lined up by your barber. The process itself was surprisingly short, less than 5 minutes, and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. It did backlash a bit, my barber of 15 years gave me the stink eye and accused me of going somewhere else the next time I went in for a haircut because my neck had no hair growth. Took some explaining to prove my innocence to my accuser.

From there I kind of got addicted to laser hair removal. I got to the point where I was pretty much treating my whole upper torso. Chest, back, stomach, arms, armpits, and most importantly the front of my neck under my chin. I noticed benefits in hair reduction in all areas, but my favorite was my neck. I am currently on my 6th session of hair removal in that area, I haven’t shaved in over 6 months! The amount of time I save from shaving thanks to laser hair removal is priceless!

So fella’s don’t be intimidated by the idea of laser hair removal. Get yourself up and get into a laser hair removal clinic and stop wasting your time shaving so much!

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