Microblading: Dangers and Disasters

Microblading: Dangers and Disasters


Microblading, it’s the newest and hottest trend in semi-permanent makeup gaining a staggering amount of popularity in the United States since 2015. Microblading is a semi-permanent form of eyebrow makeup that originated in Asia. It was initially invented for cancer survivors who had lost much or all of their eyebrow hair thanks to harsh chemotherapy. Using a manual blade, microblading artists implant pigment into the first 3 layers of skin. Thanks to the manual implementation of the pigment in crisp hair like strokes, the tattoo is indistinguishable to real hair. Many women have seen the amazing benefits of microblading where other methods just did not meet their expectations or took too much time in their daily routine. For more information check out the blog we wrote on giving a clear picture what microblading is.

But we have to look at the reality of what’s really going on here. You, as the client, are trusting your face to the skill and ability of your microblading artist. Should you be concerned how well trained and experienced he/she is? After all, you’re about to lay down on a chair and let someone literally cut into your skin on your face! Anyone who has done microblading knows that strange “carving” sensation they get as the pigment is implanted into the skin. So the question stands, is microblading safe? What are the dangers and possible disasters of microblading? Read on to stay informed.

Brow artists stake their names on their ability to bring your eyebrows to your expectations, promising that this is a revolutionary new technique and is safer than any permanent makeup out there. When done correctly, they are absolutely right. But there are many different factors to consider when working on brows. The intended shape of a brow, the ink used, the oiliness of the clients skin, and the technique abilities of the artist are all very real and important factors in the outcome of the treatment. All of these factors rest on the shoulders of the artist.

Let’s start with the ink. All microblading pigments should be made of inorganic pigments. A very easy way to ruin someone’s brows is to use the wrong type of ink. Microblading pigments will not change color, if done properly. It’s also important to note that there is a blending technique of color to match the client’s specific hair pigment. The artist has to be skilled enough to correctly blend the pigments so that they naturally match the client’s eyebrows. We, at Ivy Laser Salon in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, only use the best pigments specifically made for microblading so that such complications do not arise.
Extremely oily skin will ruin a microblading session. Thanks to the inorganic material in the microblading pigments, trying to implant pigment into oily skin would very likely cause less than optimal results. There are pigments made specifically for oily skin. But, if your skin is extremely oily, it is recommended that you resolve that problem before you do any treatments. These cases are very rare.

One of the most important factors of microblading is the artist’s ability to map the intended shape of the brow symmetrically to the face of the client coupled with the technique they use in implementing the hair strokes. When a client comes into Ivy Laser Salon for their session, the first half hour is spent mapping out the brows and giving the client a chance to approve. We use a technique that would follow the natural growth of your brows. Some artist don’t even take the time to map the brows out, never giving the client a chance to see what the end result would look like! You may end up with brows in a shape that do not compliment your facial features! Most of the disasters we have seen online with microblading involves the technique in which the artist fill the brows, if mapped correctly. One of the worst that we have seen is a criss-cross pattern of implementing hair strokes to make the brows look fuller. Though this technique does make the brows look fuller at a distance, the closer you get to them the more obvious it is that the brows are unnatural. Also, with improper mapping or a lack of mapping coupled with such poor technique may leave you stuck with brows that look worse than what you were dealing with before! Always make sure to look at a microblading artist’s work before choosing them for your needs.

In the end, we have found that disasters are directly correlated to inexperience. I cannot tell you how many people in the vegas area are now calling themselves instructors and running classes on microblading when they themselves have less than one year experience! This leads to a flock of inexperienced and miseducated “microblading artists” that are now providing services to the unknowing consumer. Keep in mind that to be certified in microblading you must be an apprentice for at least 6 months. Many of these supposed artist’s are taking a 2-day course and then making promises of perfect results on your brows!

I highly recommend you make sure to do your research. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better. Be educated about your brow artist before you take the plunge. It’s your face, you work tirelessly daily to make sure it is presentable.

Ani Nina Javadian, aka Neenajay, is the resident microblading artist at Ivy Laser Salon in Las Vegas. With over 8 years of experience in brow artistry, she is also an educator.

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