Microblading in Las Vegas: What You Should Know

Microblading in Las Vegas: What You Should Know

Microblading in Las Vegas – What You Should Know

Microblading is the hottest new trend in semi-permanent makeup for the brows. Women all over the nation are experiencing the benefits of this new, safe, and natural looking form of semi-permanent makeup. Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create the look of fuller brows using a sharp tool. Not only can a microblading artist create the look of fuller brows, she can also reconstruct brows for those who have little or no eyebrow hair.

Las Vegas has only recently been introduced to microblading last year by our very own head microblading artist and educator, Neena Jay. Since then, the procedure has become the talk of the town. But there are a few things that you should know before taking the dive into microblading when you live in Las Vegas. Let’s cover some of these facts.

The Microblading Process

When you schedule an appointment with us for a consult, one of our microblading artists will sit with you and walk you through what the process of microblading will be. You will be given a pre-treatment care sheet with instructions on the do’s and don’ts before your treatment. On your treatment day we numb you out for 45 minutes before our microblading artist takes you into the back and begins mapping out your brows. Mapping is very important, it gives the artist a chance to show you how your brows should look based on the symmetry of your face and you, as the customer, a chance to approve. So you must be thinking “that’s got to hurt” if you’ve ever seen a video of a microblading procedure. In all actuality, none of our microblading clients at Ivy Laser Salon have ever felt any discomfort or pain. We take the time to completely numb the area before proceeding. The entire microblading process takes about 1.5-2 hours, including the 45 minutes you would need to be completely numbed. A free touch up session is included with the procedure that is usually done anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks out so the color settles in.

Micoblading is for Everyone

Well, almost everyone. Just about anyone can benefit from microblading. There are very few contra-indications for microblading treatments. Usually your artist will tell you to stay away from certain products for your brows or any medication that may cause excessive bleeding. Also, if you’re the type that may excessively produce oil in your skin, your artist might want you to consult with your doctor and reduce the oil in the skin before proceeding.

The number one benefit of microblading is convenience. Every woman has to make herself presentable before stepping out of the house every day. Ask yourself, how much time do you spend on your brows every morning? Women tell us that, on average, they save 5-10 minutes every morning thanks to not having to fill in their brows with powders and makeup that are not resistant to smudging and sweat.

But for those with more serious conditions, like a lack of brow hair due to a medical condition, disease, or post chemo therapy microblading is a life changer. You wouldn’t believe how many women with such conditions have cried tears of joy in our salon after getting their treatment done.

The Las Vegas Weather

Now, anyone who lives in Vegas knows how crazy the weather can be here. The winter does not concern us in terms of microblading, but the summer is a whole different story. Exposure to the strong Vegas summer sun will reduce the saturation of your microbladed brows. We recommend that clients take the necessary steps to protect their brows from the sun. Please speak to one of our artist about the correct products to use in these instances.

Watch Out for Inexperienced Microblading Artists in Las Vegas

As we stated earlier in this article, microblading was introduced in Las Vegas roughly 1 year ago by our own master artist, Neena Jay. Neena Jay has a background in brow artistry that spans over 8 years and is certified in both treatment and education of microblading. In the state of Nevada, the laws demand a Microblading course completion followed by a 6 month apprenticeship under a master microblader before anyone can go off on their own and start carving into people’s foreheads. What we are seeing is a rise of inexperienced microblading artists teaching courses to uneducated people who then go out and immediately start working on peoples’ brows. I cannot tell you the number of phone calls we get daily about people asking if we can “fix” someone else’s mistake. Make sure to research the microblading artist you choose well. Make sure to look at their past work for quality of technical and aesthetics.

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