How to become a Microblading Artist

Become a Certified Microblading Artist
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Are you looking to begin an exciting new career or expand your menu of services?

Join us for a 3 day intensive dual method microblading & microshading course taught by world renowned Master Brow Artist and Educator, NeenaJay.

If you want to increase your income while following your passion in permanent make-up, learn more by watching this short video.


No Prior Experience Necessary!

You do not need to have a background in esthetics or cosmetology to become licensed as a permanent make-up technician. This course will provide you with all the resources necessary to jump start your new career!

Career Opportunity


Drastically Increase Your Income with a career in Microblading.

The average amount of time it takes a microblading artist to complete a procedure is 2 hours. As an artist, you can potentially make a six-figure income working 10 hours a week!

As a new Microblading Artist you can easily treat 1 client per day and make $7000 in monthly revenue. The more you get experienced the more you can make.

Table below shows possibilities for increased income based on number of clients you want to treat and your experience level.

Artist LevelPrice per Session# of Clients per WeekMonthly IncomeYearly Income

Additional Services Performed Under Same License – License allowances may vary by state.

Ani Nina, aka NeenaJayBrows, is one of the pioneers of microblading and microblading education in Las Vegas, NV. She is sought after for her treatments and instruction internationally. With nearly a decade’s experience in brow artistry and business ownership, her courses focus on building successful artists.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to execute beautiful eyebrows in a safe and sanitary environment. The thorough manual will serve as a reference guide for trade theory, application method, threading, mapping, shaping, brow patterns, extensive color theory, safety and sanitation. The kit included will provide materials to support training and earn $3,000.00+ in revenue.

Course Curriculum

● Introduction to Microblading Theory
● Brow Mapping Method
● Shaping Philosophy
● Brow Patterns
● Product & Tool Knowledge
● Color Theory
● How to – Client Consultation
● Medical Contraindications
● Understanding Different Skin Types
● Sanitary Procedures and Aseptic Protocol

Nevada Apprenticeship

As required by law, microblading artists who would like to practice in Nevada have to complete a 6 month apprenticeship under a licensed microblading artist. NeenaJay is fully licensed and accredited with the Southern Nevada Health District.

We created the 6 month apprenticeship with the working person in mind by creating a user friendly and informative platform online, allowing you to work at your pace from the comfort of your home. You will join a closed group of NeenaJay students where you will receive activities to practice and perfect your skill, watch NeenaJay work on a live stream, and engage in Q&A sessions. Neenajay will also be available via email for questions. The activities will help you with consultations, the microblading process, brow patterns, building your social media and more! In the 5th or 6th month of your apprenticeship, you'll bring in a model to microblade/microshade under supervision.

What Our Students Say

Alexa Whiting
Taking the NeenaJayBrow course was a positively life changing decision. My expectations were met by far. Her course differs from others in that she not only teaches Microblading Patterns, but the science behind everything(skin,pigmentology,medical). She includes not only how you can be a excellent microblading artist, but strongly poses how important ethics are in the industry, which is extremely important in my opinion. This course will give you the knowledge you’ll need to be prepared to tackle on your new career.
Steph Pontes
I had my training in November 2017. Ani was thorough in every aspect of the microblading process. From set up, client consultation, color theory all the way down to aftercare. Another bonus was the kit received in my training. I know now how high of quality the products she gives her students are. They are the same as she uses. A huge advantage for me was the additional support I received after my course was finished. You will receive emails weekly and Ani was even nice enough to answer many many of my questions by email as I was practicing and questions would come up. I highly recommend the training I received and feel I have an advantage because of it.

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