Optimum Time and Sessions for Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas

Optimum Time and Sessions for Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas


If you’ve lived in the Las Vegas area for at least one year you’ve become very aware of the strange weather patterns and seasons (or lack thereof) that we have. Many people wonder what the optimum time and sessions for laser hair removal are. Though not obvious, the weather actually plays a major role in the way you should plan out your laser hair removal sessions.

The first thing we need to discuss is the statistical number of laser hair removal sessions necessary to see permanent hair reduction. The industry standard for the number of sessions needed has long been an average of 6-8 sessions per area. Factor in that these sessions are at least 4 weeks apart in order to catch hairs in the growth cycle and you can see that you have a commitment you need to meet that takes some strategic planning.

Las Vegas never stops to amaze its residents with its radically changing weather. Where else in the world can you have it snow in the winter and reach 120 degrees in the summer? From November to March we experience near freezing temperatures. Our very short lived spring, which is usually about 2 months is the only time of the year that we get that comfortable 70 to 80-degree weather. June to October are the months of the year that leave us in the inferno of desert heat. I have been here in Vegas for a number of years and have yet to experience a true Fall season. Strangely enough, we have monsoon season right in the middle and towards the end of summer. Nothing like 110 heat mixed with high humidity and rain to make you feel good!

But why are we talking about the weather here? Simply put, the sun is laser hair removals worst enemy. If you gain a tan, our technicians at Ivy Laser Salon will refuse to treat you. Laser hair removal sessions done on those with an active tan is very dangerous and can lead to serious complications like hypo/hyperpigmentation of the skin (2nd to burns). We always tell clients to stay out of the sun at least 2 weeks before and after a sessions and never ever gain a tan.

Strangely enough, our busiest times for laser hair removal are in the summer. People obviously want to be hair free for pool season, and we all know how strong of a pool season we have on the Las Vegas strip alone! But, you’re doing it wrong!

Since its going to take a minimum of 6-8 sessions for effective laser hair removal, I recommend you start at the end of August/September. This allows you to get up to 8 sessions in right before the weather really starts to warm up. With having avoided the hot sun while getting treated, you can get the safest and most effective treatment protocol for your needs. By the time summer comes along you won’t worry about getting a tan, or shaving/waxing either! Don’t forget that you likely will not need to shave between your laser hair removal sessions as well!

So be tactical with your plans for laser hair removal. In the end, it will only cost you less money and keep you from harm!

Enjoy pool season Las Vegas!

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